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    WuXi AppTec’s Laboratory Testing Division is a comprehensive integrated testing platform supporting customers across the full spectrum of their development efforts to deliver innovative medicines to patients.

    At a Glance


    R&D Sites in the US and China


    Employees Globally


    Global IND Packages Completed


    Global NDA Packages Completed


    Clinical Centers in China


    Years GMP and GLP Lab Experience


    Validated Methods for Bioanalysis

    Integrated Testing Platforms

    Preclinical Drug Development


    WuXi AppTec IND (WIND) combines technical experience, program management and regulatory expertise to facilitate submission of your IND package.

    Clinical Drug Development


    The Laboratory Testing Division can carry your compound from early discovery all the way through clinical trials, providing consistent, streamlined support across the lifecycle of your project.

    Medical Device Testing


    WuXi AppTec’s medical device testing experts provide end-to-end regulatory and technical support to bring your medical devices to market.

    End-to-End Services

    Analytical Services


    The Analytical Services Unit provides both early and late-phase analytical support, including integrated CMC services from IND to NDA and beyond.

    Bioanalytical Services


    Bioanalytical Services at the Laboratory Testing Division support in vitro ADME, discovery biology, PK, PD and discovery toxicology from NCE through IND.

    DMPK Services


    The Laboratory Testing Division provides comprehensive in vitro and in vivo ADMET solutions from high-throughput screening in discovery through drug development phases.

    Toxicology Services


    Our skilled team of toxicologists provide comprehensive safety assessments across a wide range of species and through various routes of administration.


    June 2-6
    San Francisco, CA


    June 3-6

    ISSX 12th International Meeting
    July 28-31
    Portland, OR
    September 8-11
    Helsinki, Finland